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I qualified as a florist a while back and have kept my skills updated with various courses over the years, including an eco - floristry course, its important to me to provide and create sustainable designs for all aspects of my floristry, whether its for weddings, funerals or birthdays. 

Over the years I have been drawn to the sustainable side of floristry and the use of seasonal British flowers, which led onto learning how to sow seeds and growing a few flowers for my own use, to where I am now with a cutting garden, flower field and floristry studio/workshop.

When we moved our family here about ten years ago I kept thinking about what could be done with the land here, I really wanted to to put it to good use.  It was 2020 when we created the cutting garden. This process or journey into flower farming has been a huge development to my skills, which works hand in gardening glove (excuse the pun) perfectly with my interest in sustainable floristry.

And its not just my skills that have developed, my husband Duncan has well and truly got stuck in to this project. He built the polytunnel, laid the irrigation, built benches cold frames, raised beds and has done an endless amount of digging and shoveling compost. 

In 2022  we converted part of our sheep grazing area to more flower beds with plans to add more, 2023 we built the poly tunnel. 

We used the no-dig method to create our beds across all areas, which is an absolute game changer when you’re dealing with heavy clay soil, whilst better for your back it does not disrupt the soil, therefore encouraging the local wildlife and protecting the biodiversity. We do actually have so many bees, bugs and insects here that we can actually witness this all wonderful wildlife in action.  Our natural slug prevention are the birds and frogs, we are often kept company by Mr Robin and Mrs Blackbird, who keep a beady eye on us while we work.

I can safely say I am totally loving it all, even though I'm now far too obsessed with the weather, seed catalogues and books about flowers!

We really do appreciate those of you who buy from us and choose our flowers for your important moments in life.  

Thank you from all of us at


me in the cutting garden
poly tunnel flowers
floral arrangements
flowers in cutting garden
flowers in cutting garden
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